Location: 6th row next to Athletic Center  

Installed: Sept. 2020 

         The advent of St. Vincent’s College (Sept. 1898) and then DePaul University (in 1907), was too late for the call to arms of the Spanish American War of 1898.  However, the start of the first world struggle (WW1) in 1914 and America’s entry into this war in April of 1917 changed the nature of DePaul significantly.   

         The call to serve one’s country is still a significant value here at DePaul.  Beginning with Fr. McCabe and the Student Army Training Corps in 1918, the University always found ways to help the country and its students serving the country in tough times.  This particular composition salutes DePaul students from the beginning as they served their country.  Some making the ultimate sacrifice.   

         The silhouette of the military figure(s) does symbolize all branches of our armed forces. The black figure that has the DePaul ‘Tree of Wisdom’ logo as a pattern, does especially symbolize those who have passed on in service to our country.  The letters that make up the word ‘VETS’ are collages from DePaul’s own documented history.  Each picture revealing a story of a particular DePaul student.   

        Starting with pictures of the Ward brothers in WW1, the Student Army Training Corps leading into WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and today’s struggles.  Sacrifices made by the Ward family in 1918 and 1919.  Jack Dean, who played basketball for Ray Meyer and then met with fatality on the USS Indianapolis in 1945. These are some of the stories.  Stories of DePaul students who knew what service to our country means, and why we at DePaul hold dear the value of our Veterans.