The Daughters of Charity

Location: 7th row, next to CTA pillar. 

Installed: Sept. 2021 

In his lifelong search for ways to serve the poor, St. Vincent DePaul along with his friend and collaborator St. Louise de Marrilac co-founded the Daughters of Charity in 1633. The Daughters were and are a totally different women’s religious congregation. They are totally dedicated to all kinds of work for the poor and sick. They were the first to really engage the poor systematically, and deal with the root causes of poverty.

Encouraged and urged on by the example of their founders, the Daughters have a variety of ways to serve the poor. Projects in nursing, education and daycare of children are just some of ways the Daughters work. We honor them here because not only have they been here in Chicago since 1858, but at the invitation of Fr. McCabe in 1915, started (what is now known as) St. Vincent DePaul Center on Halsted. St. Vincent’s (on Halsted) is the largest daycare for the poor in the nation. Their works vary across the city, including working here at DePaul as administrators and scholars.

The works vary, but the love of the poor and the marginalized remain the same.