End of Trail

Location:  10th row north by sidewalk 

Installed:  July ‘22 

This mural is unlike any of the 24 pillars to come before it, as it is not just a commemoration to DePaul, but also to the project itself. The “End of Trail”  pillar is dedicated to everyone involved in the making of the Little School Under the ‘L’, Under the ‘L’ mural series. Whether they were DePaul students, faculty, or mural installers, these people played an integral part in helping this project become what it currently stands as today. Designed by DePaul Undergraduate student Tayvia Ridgeway, and painted by lead artist of LSUTL Brother Mark Elder, cm, the mural is the final installation to this seven year long project started in 2016. 

The mural composition is a fun and playful depiction of the CTA “L” train that is held up by the pillars, meant to celebrate the project’s name sake. The illustrative design of the train is inspired by the art of Soul train; this aspect functions as the main representation for its celebratory purpose. The buildings behind the train contain the names of each student in the Art 291 classes that were involved in the installation of each mural. Underneath the train are honored contributors that have helped along the years with this project. The red and blue geometric patterns that occupy the top and bottom of the mural are in respect to DePaul University as they show the school colors in an artful way.