Location: 10th row (Last next to ‘End of Trail’) 

Installed:  July ‘22      

There is little doubt as to the fact that education in general, and education at DePaul in particular, was greatly affected by the evolution of and the revolution that was in computers.

Going back to the 1950’s DePaul had a relationship with the advent of the growth in computers. This growth was mainly germinated in the Math and Accounting Depts. in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Commerce Schools respectively. This changed in 1981 when the Department of Computer Science was born. The C.S. Dept. saw steady growth throughout the eighties and by the 1990’s became it’s own college, called Computing and Digital Media.

It’s growth was spurred on at first by Dr. Helmut Epp, it’s first Dean. And later, Dr. David Miller. But even more so, DePaul president Rev. John P. Minogue, cm (1993-2004), a computer pioneer in his own right, highly encouraged the growth of CDM as well.

Contributions in the fields of Art, Design, Animation, Cinema, and Games. All have led to the creation of three schools at CDM. Schools of Cinematic Arts, Computing, and School of Design. All three creating what is now known as The Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media.

This composition documents the growth of computers at DePaul, but also acknowledges the contributions of those mentioned above, and also people like Rev. Paul Sisul, cm (Computing), Steve Leucking (Art), and Rosalee Wolfe (Animation).

The QR code piece was created to allow the viewer to look at a short documentary video of ‘The History of the Computer’. Other artists (students) created pieces and made selections like the Jean Pierre Yvaral piece Portrait of Lincoln.