Location: 8th row behind the Daughter’s pillar.  

Installed: Sept. 2021  

         The very nature of DePaul University since its founding in 1898, is diversity.  The mere notion of offering the services of the University to poor and marginalized people allows diversity in all of its students to flourish.  

          This particular composition is dedicated one of DePaul’s biggest ideal values…DIVERSITY.  The various bands of colors, the triangles, and the clouds.  Yes, that’s right…the clouds.  Clouds are always changing, never quite the same from moment to moment.  Clouds can take on different colors and moods, pending the time of day.  In this composition people are symbolized as clouds.  With the portrait of Vincent DePaul at the center, all of the diverse elements come together as a whole…which is our University.  

         The various bands of color on the pillar will feature programs, events, and activities, that showcase the diversity that is in our DePaul community.