Undefeated Since 1938!










Location: 2nd row beside ‘Victory Song’

Installed: 2018

One of the activities that practically every educational institution in the United States took on enthusiastically was the phenomenon of (American) football. It did not matter how big or small your school was, if there were male students, you had to have a football team. And for forty years, DePaul did too.

Playing mostly in what was the athletic field behind St. Vincent’s Church (now a parking lot), the Blue Demons also played at Wrigley Field and Soldier Field.  The Demons typically matched up again their Midwestern rivals Marquette, Loyola, Valparaiso, Crieghton, St. Thomas and St. Louis.  Other games included Catholic University (from D.C.), Texas Tech, Niagara (NY) and Northwestern University in Evanston.

1933 was the Blue Demons football team’s best year, finishing the season at 6-0-1.  And they could boast of being one of only 15 schools in the nation that year that went undefeated. Unfortunately, football became too much

of a financial burden for the ever-growing school under the ‘L,’ and by 1938, the lack of funding and facilities spelled the end of football at DePaul.  So DePaul has been ‘undefeated’ since 1938. This composition is a memorial to the men who played DePaul’s final game in 1938.​

Historical yearbook photos used on the pillar itself or found in research leading to the creation of the composition in question include:

  1. The top is a bad play vs. Illinois at Champaign….Oye! The bottom is another play vs. Ripon…the week before.  Both 1937.
  2. 1936 action against Arkansas State @ Wrigley Field
  3. 1933 Dycke Stadium Northwestern…a tie!