The Revs. John T. Richardson, C.M. and John Cortelyou, C.M.




Location: 5th row just west of BSU

Installed: 2019

The Vincentians (members of the Congregation of the Mission) always expressed a desire to look for ways to grow DePaul University–to have the kind of land and facilities that can support the success of any student’s drive to excellence.  Each president and every Vincentian faculty member since 1898 all shared that dream.

Two such Vincentians were the eighth and ninth presidents of DePaul University, Rev. John R. Cortelyou, C.M. (seated) and Rev. John T. Richardson, C.M. (standing).  Together, they were responsible for much of the academic change that was needed since the civil rights movement of the late 60’s, especially the programs that reflected the needs of ethnic minorities, notably African Americans.

The two were also responsible for the acquisition of land and buildings that expanded the footing of the Lincoln Park campus.  This is especially true when considering the annexing of McCormick Seminary (where the Holtschneider Performance Center stands now), and areas to the west, including the Schmidt Academic Center, the McGowen Science buildings and the residence halls on Racine.

They also contributed to the addition of a bigger DePaul presence in the Loop, in downtown Chicago.  Known as the ‘DePaul Center’, the old Goldblatt’s department store on State was renovated in 1991 and opened in ’93.  This building easily doubled space in the Loop for the colleges of Law and Commerce, and a number of university offices.