Location:  6th row just north of BSU

Installed: 2019

The origination of both the university and the elevated railway system that became the Chicago Transit Authority pretty much coincided with one another. The ‘L’ (as we call it in Chicago), opened in 1897, and DePaul followed in 1898. Arguably, DePaul’s growth in the latter part of the 20th century and early 21st century could not have happened without an efficient and effective CTA.

This illustration, which in large part is from the creation of the Lake St. ‘L’ from the mid 1890’s, is demonstrative of that growth. There are plenty of DePaul yearbook pictures that feature students using CTA facilities connecting the two DePaul campuses (in Lincoln Park and the Loop). Even the restoration of our Fullerton station and these very pillars (in 2008-9) say even more to this growth as well. DePaul thanks the CTA for helping us make ‘Chicago our Classroom’.