Location: 6th row next to sidewalk 

      Installed: 2019 

       Why should we honor a year?  We do here because of the seismic year that it was for DePaul. Our Men’s basketball team was one the four best in the nation that year.  The Blue Demons, who finished 27-6, enamored the nation with their then 65 year old coach, Ray Meyer.  He became ‘America’s Grandfather’, and DePaul raked in the publicity.   

       Even though we lost the national semifinal by two points, we could second guess and say ‘what if?’  But our true prize was that this team showed the nation a blossoming DePaul.  The school that had quiet beginnings under the ‘L’, now was discovered and respected by the nation.  We had come into our own. The demographics of the student body as to how it changed from 1979 on, really show this.   

      Individuals from the team had many successes.  Some like Mark Aguierre, went on to further success in professional basketball.  Others went into private businesses, teaching, and law.  On this team, is a H.S. principal, and a judge.   

       This composition, which has ‘the floral appeal’ directly dealing with a basketball net.  This is a time capsule of sorts.  Not only of that stellar team, but of the University and what it looked like when it was noticed by many in full bloom.