Result II : Web App (Urban Agriculture in North Lawndale)

This webapp is meant to be used as an additional resource for individuals who are looking to start an urban agricultural project. The user should first review the story map before reviewing this resource. The web app is intended to provide the user with information regarding market opportunities related to vacant lots in the North Lawndale neighborhood. It offers various functionalities including near me, measurement, sharing, and basemap capabilities. The near me option allows the user to click anywhere on the map in order to see how many restaurants, grocery stores, and transit stops are within a specified distance. This tool is most useful if they click on a vacant lot that they would like to potentially develop into an urban farm. This is because it will allow them to see the distances of market opportunities and public transit stops in the surrounding area. The measurement tool will allow the user to approximate the size of vacant lots in the North Lawndale neighborhood to help them understand whether it will be large enough to develop into an urban farm. Finally, they can change base maps depending on which one seems most helpful and share this web app with others who might be interested in the urban agriculture movement.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this web app, please contact Sam at