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2010 Population Density Map in the City of Chicago

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In 2010, the population of Chicago was 2,695,598 individuals.  In 2017, this number appears to be largely stabilized as the population has grown very little to 2,716,450 individuals.  In fact, in the past 3 years, the population of Chicago has actually declined each year.  Individuals have also been leaving the Chicago metro area.  Whether this is because of a slowing economy or the winter polar vortex is unclear, but Chicago and the surrounding metro are not alone.  Even Springfield, the state capitol, saw its population decrease in 2017.  In spite of its decreasing population, Chicago remains the third largest city in the United States, trailing only New York and Los Angeles.

Source(s): U.S. Census Bureau, Chicago Tribune

DePaul Urban Farming Organization

925 W Belden Ave. Chicago IL 60614


Located near DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus is a plot of land dedicated to allowing DePaul students and faculty the opportunity to get their hands in the dirt through farming.  Facilitated by the DePaul Urban Farming Organization, this location allows individuals to learn about agricultural practices through growing food in raised beds.  Its purpose is intended to increase visitor awareness of how to raise crops and in the process experience the joys of becoming more connected with the food chain.  Growing food in an urban environment can sometimes be difficult yet this space shows that even in big cities, people can engage in local and more sustainable agricultural practices!