Building a 3D Web App Using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

The above map shows Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. It is an interactive map allowing its user to change the location so that they can preview additional areas of San Francisco as well as larger geographical areas depending on their interest. It was created through creating a new scene through ArcGIS online. The next steps included selecting a basemap, adding a layer, and searching for a previously created map made through cityengine. It provides a photo-realistic representation of the given area, in this case the city of San Francisco. The user has the option to create various slides with the ability to highlight various destinations should they desire. At this point, the create a web app option was selected and a theme was selected. The theme selected for this app was the billboard theme. At this point, the user can integrate functionality by adding widgets that allow for greater flexibility in changing the interface of the map. For example, by selecting the daylight widget, the user can change the time of day in the app so that they can see a photo-realistic representation of a given area at any point in the day! You are then able to test the webapp to check for its ability to integrate with different devices, e.g. iPhone or iPad. Once you are able to test its functionality and ensure it is working properly you can then launch the app to be used by the general public!

The above map gallery shows previously created web apps that the user can stroll through and click on in order to have access to interactive maps featuring various functionalities. For example, if the user clicked on the coastal base map, a new window will open in which the user can view flood hazard zones in the Chicago area along the coastal zone of Lake Michigan. There are many options to choose from depending on the interest of the user!