Digital Elevation Models

In this section, I included two maps showing digital elevation models (DEM).  The first map identifies flood impact areas in Sea Bright, New Jersey.  As a coastal town, Sea Bright has been repeatedly hammered and damaged by hurricanes over the years and is additionally at-risk of future flooding due to sea level rise.  Identifying flood impact areas can help developers better understand the risks of development and take the necessary steps to mitigate damage to future development.  In the first map, various raster processing tools have been applied to DEMs to identify flood impact zones along with land parcels.

The second map shows the terrain of Keauhou Bay, Hawii, using an aerial image, topographic Lidar, near-shore SHOALS Lidar, and sonar data.  The terrain has been exported to a raster surface and the coastline highlighted using the contour list(3D analyst) tool.  In mapping coastlines over time, analysts are able to notice changes related to factors such as natural disasters, sedimentary erosion, tectonic, cycles, and dredging.