Identifying Flood Hazard Zones Using Web AppBuilder

The above web app is an interactive map that provides the public with critical information regarding flood hazard areas along the Cook County coastal shoreline of Lake Michigan in the Chicago area. It can be used to allow the public to view these flood hazard areas, know the approximate flooding classification in the event of a flood, and therefore can be used to help improve safety measures for potentially impacted individuals. There are 5 zones listed in this map:

VE zones are high hazard areas where water can cause structural damage in the event of a 1% annual flood chance.
AE zones are areas of inundation by a 1% annual flood chance. It includes areas where the total water level is less than 3 feet above the ground or areas where wave heights are less than 3 feet.
AH zones are areas of shallow flooding wwhere water depths are generally limited to between 1 to 3 feet.
AO zones are areas of sheet-flow shallow flooding where the potential run-up is less than 3 feet above an over-topped barrier crest.
X zones are areas above the 1% annual flood chance level. A shaded X zone area will be inundated by a .2% annual flood chance whereas an unshaded X zone area is above the .2% flood chance level.

This webapp was created through ArcGIS online. A layer containing coastal flood hazard information was uploaded and saved into ArcGIS online. Then, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS was opened at which point the user can configure the contents of the original layer. The user can create a theme, map configuration options, and add widgets to the map to allow for greater flexibility in analyzing the data contained within the map. An example would be a widget that allows the user to measure distances within the app. Once these steps are followed, the user can preview and test the app they have created to ensure that it is functioning correctly as well as ensuring that it can be used on preferred devices, i.e. an iPhone or Android phone. Once the user has confirmed that it is working properly, they can launch the app so that it is available to the wider public.