truth and reconciliation by Sideshow Theatre Company

truth and reconciliation, Sideshow Theatre Company, closes 4/16/2017. KAYLA RAELLE HOLDER (BFA, Acting, ’16), TIFFANY OGLESBY (MFA, Acting, ’14), JEREMY PFAFF (MFA, Acting, ’15), BRADFORD STEVENS (MFA, Acting, ’02), and SEAN WIBERG (BFA, Acting, ’14) are in the cast. JARED GOODING (BFA, Lighting Design, ’12) is the lighting designer.

Source: truth and reconciliation | Sideshow Theatre Company

9 Circles at Sideshow Theatre Company

9 Circles, Sideshow Theatre Company, closes 10/6/2013. ANDREW GOETTEN (BFA, Acting, ’10) and AMANDA POWELL (BFA, Acting, ’07) are in the cast. COURTENY O’NEILL (BFA, General theatre studies, ’06) is the scenic designer. AARON PIJANOWSKI (Staff) is the military consultant.


Source: 9 Circles | Sideshow Theatre Company