Victory Gardens’ Ignition Festival of New Plays

#NEWSLAVES, at Victory Gardens Theater’s Ignition Festival, one night only 8/2/2019 at 7:30PM. MIKAEL BURKE (MFA, Directing, ’18) directs. McKENZIE CHINN (MFA, Acting, ’11), JALEN GILBERT (BFA, Acting, ’16), CASEY MORRIS (MFA, Acting, ’15), and EDGAR SANCHEZ (BFA, Acting, ’07) is in the cast.

They Could Give No Name, at Victory Gardens Theater’s Ignition Festival, one reading only 8/3/2019 at 11:00AM. KRYSTAL ORTIZ (BFA, Acting, ’16) and COLIN SPHAR (BFA, Acting, ’11) are in the cast.

The Gradient, at Victory Gardens Theater’s Ignition Festival, one reading only 8/4/2019 at 3:00PM. KROYDELL GALIMA (BFA, Acting, ’09), ELENI PAPPAGEORGE (Acting, ’04-’05), and DEMETRIOS TROY (BA, Acting, ’04) are in the cast.

Ignition 2019; Headshots of Meghan Brown, Steph Del Rosso, Erika Dickerson-Despenza, Keelay Gipson, Geraldine Inoa, and Exal Iraheta

The Red Line on CBS Features Theatre School Alum

The Red Line, CBS. CAITLIN PARRISH (BFA, Theatre Studies, ‘06) and ERICA WEISS (BFA, theatre Studies, ‘05) created the show and co-executive produce. McKENZIE CHINN (MFA, Acting, ‘11), PHYLLIS GRIFFIN (MFA, Acting, ‘78/Faculty), AMANDA POWELL (BFA, Acting, ‘07), MARY WILLIAMSON (BFA, Acting, ‘08), and RAVEN WHITLEY (BFA, Acting, ‘17) all make appearances.

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New Stages 2017 at Goodman Theatre Features Theatre School Alum

Lottery Day, Goodman Theatre, closes 10/8/2017. IKE HOLTER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’07) is the playwright. McKENZIE CHINN (MFA, Acting, ’11) is in the cast.

Twilight Bowl, Goodman Theatre, closes 10/8/2017. ERICA WEISS (BFA, General Theatre Studies, ’05) directs.

Source: New Stages 2017 | Goodman Theatre

The Fly Honey Show at The Den Theatre

The Fly Honey Show, The Inconvenience at The Den Theatre, closes 9/2/2017.  McKENZIE CHINN (MFA, Acting, ’11) is one of the performers. MISSI DAVIS (BFA, Acting, ’07) is the producer. SHANNON MATESKY (BFA, Acting, ’10) is a writer. MARY WILLIAMSON (BFA, Acting, ’08) is a the host and a writer.

The Fly Honey Show – An intimate yet explosive performance experience that re-imagines the classic cabaret, advances gender equality, and promotes self-love

Source: 2017 LINE-UP — The Fly Honey Show