Poetic, laughable, and raw coming-of-age tale of A Middle Eastern American boy, Essa, whose parents are refugees. Join Essa as he navigates sexuality, religion, the English language, and a nicotine demon that won’t leave him alone. In a one person show told between different ages throughout his life, Essa confesses to us the experience of growing up in a country that doesn’t have a place for him. A surprising new work, soon to be making its UK Premiere at Edinburgh Festival Fringe this coming August.

The Den Theatre is pleased to host Dummy in Diaspora on June 21-23, 2024 at 1331 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

Closes June 23 @ 7:00pm

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As RhinoFest puts it: After a standing ovation at the International Physical Theatre Festival, we are debuting our full production of “Enter LegLand”. Witness our distorted leg-creatures existing in a desert of lost words under the ever-watching free-trial of a censor god, who makes sure all content is EXACTLY PG-13, (never veering into the evils of PG-12 or PG-14.) Leaning on foundations in bouffon, drag, and sketch comedy, LegLand guides you through a dense and energetic world of absurdity. Incorporating bizarre props and costumes, surreal language, and warped video elements, we distort the traditional sketch comedy show into something that is both distasteful and delicious, lampooning whatever we can get our legs on.

ENTER LEGLAND Closes June 22nd 2024

TTS Alumni Includes: Daniel Gadaj (BFA ACTING 2017)

Tickets Can Be Found Here


As ‘OUTSIDE IN THEATRE’ Puts It: Los Angeles, CA – Outside In Theatre & Bottle Tree Theatre are thrilled to announce production details for the world premiere of I Sell Windows by Kacie Rogers, a young black woman’s existential journey through a sudden loss, navigating the intricate interplay of grief, identity, and newfound purpose, all while being a window salesman. Directed by Jaquita Ta’le  with Shadow Puppetry created & performed by Brittaney Talbot with Perry Daniel and running for four weeks May 18 through June 17 at Outside In Theatre’s ArtBox studio space and then heading overseas to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August at Assembly’s Studio Four theatre where it will run August 1-25 at 4pm everyday


TTS Alumni Include: Jessica Hanna (BFA ACTING 93) Producing Artistic Director of the Outside In and Producer of this play.

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As First Floor Theatre Puts It: Most careers don’t last longer than three months in Miami’s professional-amateur porn scene. But that’s about to change when rising star Chloe Kendall meets the driven trans performer Nastasia. The girls are doing it for themselves now, and for the first time, people won’t just be watching them – they’ll be paying attention.

TTS ALumni Include:  (MFA Directing 23) Rebecca Willingham, Director | (BFA Sound Design 22) Emily Hayman, Sound Designer | (BFA Acting 23) Ruby Vallejo, Understudy.

‘Pro-am’ Closes June 15th 2024 @ The Den Theatre.

You Can Find Tickets Here!

Viva La Mort

As The Conspirators Put It: Superstar singer, Michigander, and pop icon whose career spans four decades, Viva, returns to her hometown and her just-as-aging ex, Mortenson Miller. Is it out of generosity or revenge?! Content Warning: songs, Style, and possibly killer wolverines.

TTS ALUMNI INCLUDE: (MFA ACTING 23) Libby Conkle, Sebby Woldt Sound Designer.

VIVA LA MORE CLOSES JUNE 9TH 2024 AT Otherworld Theatre Performance Venue and Bar


The Singularity Play @ JACKALOPE THEATRE

As Jackalope Theatre States: The Singularity Play is a daring ensemble play that is one part existential comedy, another part Sc-fi horror, and in every part a totally a surprising ride. In an unused room at the Google offices in Manhattan, a theater troupe has gathered to rehearse a new play written by an advanced AI named “Denise.” In an art that relies so substantially upon our human-ness, what does it mean to cede the stage to artificial intelligence? Who are we when reflected by the intelligence we’ve created?

TTS Alumni Include: Kroydell Galima (BFA Acting 09′).

The Singularity Play Closes June 22nd 2024.

You Can Find Tickets Here.




ABOUT THE SHOW (FROM RAVEN THEATRE) : In the Red Summer of 1919, Chicago’s Black Belt is boiling over, from both the ruthless heat and the intensifying racial conflict gripping America.

Virginia Bass, a successful saleswoman, is traveling with her business partner when they decide to pay her hometown and her family a visit. However, Virginia finds the welcome not nearly as warm as the weather outside, especially from her estranged father, leaving her wondering if it’s ever possible to truly come home.

Unresolved feelings, deep-seated tension, and a deadly urban clash set the scene for the third and final installment of The Grand Boulevard Trilogy.


TTS ALUMNI INCLUDE: Bradford Stevens (MFA 02′)


Native Son At Lifeline Theatre!

As Lifeline Theatre Puts It “Suffocating in rat-infested poverty on Chicago’s South Side during the 1930s, twenty-year-old Bigger Thomas struggles to find a place for himself in a world whose prejudice has shut him out. After taking a job in a wealthy white man’s house, Bigger unwittingly unleashes a series of events that violently and irrevocably seal his fate. Adapted with theatrical ingenuity by Chicago’s own Nambi E. Kelley, this Native Son captures the power of Richard Wright’s novel for a whole new generation.”

TTS Alumni/ Faculty/ Students Include: James Lewis (BFA ACTING 13′), Ashli Rene Funches (BFA ACTING 22′), Martine Kei Green-Rogers As The Dramaturg (Dean), Faramade (Fara) Oladapo (BAF Theatre Arts 24′).

Native Son Closes June 30th 2024.

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AS GOODMAN PUTS IT: “English Only.” Four adult students in Karaj, Iran are studying for the Test of English as a Foreign Language—the key to their green card, medical school admission or family reunification. Chasing fluency through a maze of word games, listening exercises and show-and-tell sessions, they hope that one day, English will make them whole. But it might be splitting them each in half.

TTS FACULTY INCLUDE: Yasmin Zacaria Mikhaiel



An Educated Guess At Definition Theatre

As Definition Theatre puts it “It’s been a few years since the September 11 attacks on New York City, but the wounds are still raw. We find Alba Guerrero, a rising star at the federal immigration office in Manhattan, on the day she realizes an immigrant she admitted into the United States has committed a heinous act of mass murder. As her life begins to unravel, we meet characters from all over the world– helping Alba come to grips with guilt, forgiveness, and the inherent fallibility of our government systems.”

TTS Alumni Include: Claudia Quesada (BFA ACTING 19′) Portraying Alba Guerrero.

Definition Theatre celebrates stories created with, inspired by, and intended for people and communities of color. Through the act of making, Definition expands perspectives, stewards resources, and bridges the possibility found at the intersection of art, innovation, and education.

An Educated Guess Closes At Definition Theatre May 26th 2024.

You Can Access Tickets Here