Are You Going, Or Coming To See Joe Turner’s Come And Gone?

As Goodman Theatre puts it “On the heels of Gem of the Ocean (2022), expert August Wilson interpreter Chuck Smith revives the second work in the famed American Century Cycle—one of Wilson’s best-loved, most compelling plays. Herald Loomis searches the country with his young daughter to find his estranged wife. But first, he must regain a sense of his own heritage and identity in this story of spiritual and emotional resurrection”

TTS Alumni/ Faculty/ Students Include: Dexter Zollicoffer >< Seth Holly (Faculty), NAMBI E. KELLEY><mattie campbell (Playwriting 95′).

Joe Turner’s Come And Gone Closes May 12th In The GoodMan’s Albert Theatre.

You Can Find Students Here & Discounted Tickets Here.


Joe Turner’s Come and Gone at Goodman Theatre

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, Goodman Theatre, closes 5/12/2024. NAMBI E. KELLEY (BFA, Playwriting, ’95) and DEXTER ZOLLICOFFER (MFA, Acting, ’90) are in the cast. KRISTIN E. ELLIS (BFA, Acting, ’11) is an understudy.  LINDA BUCHANAN (Faculty Emeritus) is the set designer, JARED GOODING (BFA, Lighting Design, ’12) is the lighting designer, and MARIO (MARS) WOLFE (BFA, Stage Management, ’16) is the stage manager.

Joe Turner's Come and Gone
Joe Turner’s Come and Gone

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