War of the Well(e)s, A New Audiodrama by A Red Orchid Theatre, Now Available

War of the Well(e)s, A Red Orchid Theatre, available through 7/31/2020. MICHAEL WEBER (BFA, Acting, ’90) is the playwright and artistic director of A Red Orchid Theatre. LANCE BAKER (BFA, Acting, ’93), MIERKA GIRTEN (MFA, Acting, ’93), and CAMERON ROBERTS (BFA, Acting, ’19) are in the cast.

Collaboraction Presents Annual Peacebook Festival

Collaboraction’s 4th Annual Peacebook Festival, touring in Douglas Park and Hamilton Park, closes 9/28/2019.

Broke Down Drone, closes 9/21/2019. G. RILEY MILLS (BFA, Acting, ’91) is the co-writer.

Rentals, closes 9/21/2019. LANCE BAKER (BFA, Acting, ’93) directs.

Everybody Loves Pizza, Don’t They?,  closes 9/21/2019. DAN TAUBE (MFA, Directing, ’92) directs.

Chicago Food Justicecloses 9/28/2019. MADI DELK (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’18) co-devised.

Ode to Mama Obama by Someone Who was a Little Black Girl in the ‘Hood, closes 9/28/2019. NAMBI E. KELLEY (BFA, Playwriting, ’95) is the playwright.


An Evening at the Talk House A Red Orchid Theatre

An Evening at the Talk House, A Red Orchid Theatre, closes 11/19/2017.  SHADE MURRAY (Faculty) directs. LANCE BAKER (BFA, Acting, ‘93) and NOAH SIMON (MFA, Acting, ’13) are in the cast. JEN BOSWORTH (BFA, Acting, ’98) is an understudy. MIERKA GIRTEN (MFA Acting program ’92-’93) is the casting director and MARY O’DOWD (MFA Acting program, ’93-’95) is the props designer.

Source: 2017-18 Season | A Red Orchid Theatre

Arcadia at Writers Theatre

Arcadia, Writers Theatre, closes 5/1/2016. GABRIEL RUIZ (BFA, Acting, ’08) is in the cast. LANCE BAKER (BFA, Acting, ‘93) is an understudy. JOHN CULBERT (Dean) is the lighting designer. COLLETTE POLLARD (BFA, Scenic Design, ’00) is the scenic designer. DAVID CASTELLANOS (BFA, Production management, ’88) is the production stage manager.

Source: Arcadia by Tom Stoppard | Writers Theatre