Ms. Blakk for President at Steppenwolf Theatre

Ms. Blakk for President, Steppenwolf Theatre, closes 6/14/2019. TARELL ALVIN McCRANEY (BFA, Acting, ’03) is the co-playwright and stars. CHRIS FREEBURG (BFA, Production Management, ’96/Faculty) is the production stage manager. HEATHER GILBERT (MFA, Lighting Design, ’97) is the lighting designer.

Source: Steppenwolf Has Its MS. BLAKK FOR PRESIDENT Cast and Designers | PerformInk

Wrights of Spring 2019 at the Theatre School

Wrights of SpringThe Theatre School, closes 5/26/2019. Features the work of BRENNA BARBORKA (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), CONNOR BRADSHAW (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), MATTHEW CARPENTER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), IAN CHONG (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), JACOB CRAIGO-SNELL (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), MADIE DOPPELT (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), ETHAN DOSKEY (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), EMMA DURBIN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), CAMILLA DWYER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), MADISON FARGO (BFA, Playwrighting, ’19), GRACE GINDELL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), ROBERT HALVORSON (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), JP HEILI (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), BRENT LEIBOWITZ (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), GRACE LOWRY (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), MEGAN LUCAS (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), C McLENNAN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), ELENA GONZALEZ MOLINA (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’21), BRADY JAMES PIERCE (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), JAKE PINCKES (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), AMANDA PLAYFORD (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), MOLLY ROSEN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), ERIN WILBORN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’19), JAY WILLIAMS (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19).

The Red Line on CBS Features Theatre School Alum

The Red Line, CBS. CAITLIN PARRISH (BFA, Theatre Studies, ‘06) and ERICA WEISS (BFA, theatre Studies, ‘05) created the show and co-executive produce. McKENZIE CHINN (MFA, Acting, ‘11), PHYLLIS GRIFFIN (MFA, Acting, ‘78/Faculty), AMANDA POWELL (BFA, Acting, ‘07), MARY WILLIAMSON (BFA, Acting, ‘08), and RAVEN WHITLEY (BFA, Acting, ‘17) all make appearances.

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