I “Can’t Pay?” And “Won’t Pay!”

Can’t Pay Won’t Pay by Dario Fo, follows Antonia and Margherita, two working-class Italian women who decide to take matters into their own hands, and participate in a female-led riot where they steal from the supermarket as a response to a raise in prices. This two-act political farse follows the two women as they try to hide their crime before being caught by their husbands or the police. Gwydion’s version of this classic is a world-premiere translation.

Can’t Pay, Wont Pay closes Dec 17, 2023.

Ember Sappington (Current BFA 4 Dramaturgy & Criticism) is the Adapter!

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The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But the ‘Christmas Carol’ Is So Delightful!

A Christmas Carol at The Goodman Theatre closes December 31st 2023! TTS Alumni in the cast include: Larry Yando (MFA Acting 1988), & Susaan Jamshidi (MFA Acting 2007).

TTS Alumni/ Faculty Involved In Designing/ Producing, etc: Keith Parham is The Lighting Designer (BFA Lighting 1998) and Neena Arndt is The Dramaturg (Faculty).

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Learn ‘How To Dance In Ohio’

At a group counseling center in Columbus, Ohio, seven autistic young adults prepare for a spring formal dance–a rite of passage that breaks open their routines and sets off hilarious and heartbreaking encounters with love, stress, excitement, and independence. How To Dance In Ohio is currently at the Belasco Theatre!

TTS Alumni Included are: Connor Wang (BFA-Sound Design 2017) Sound Designer & Camille Denholm, (BFA-Sound Design 2019) Assistant Sound Designer, Broadway Debut!

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How To Dance In Ohio Playbill - Opening Night

The Lifespan of a Fact at TimeLine Theatre

The Lifespan of a Fact, TimeLine Theatre Company, closes 12/23/2013.  MECHELLE MOE (Staff) directs. JULIET HART (MFA, Acting, ’95) and PJ POWERS (BFA, acting, ’95) are in the cast. ANTHONY CHURCHILL (Faculty) is the co-projections designer, ROWAN DOE (BFA, Theatre Technology, ’21) is the properties designer, LUCY ELKIN (BFA, Costume Design, ’21) is the costume supervisor, MICAH FIGUEROA (Creative Root Teaching Artists) is the fight choreographer and physical comedy consultant,  VIJA LAPP (BFA, Sound Design, ’24) is the co-projections designer, PARKER MOLACEK (BFA, Projection Design, ’23) is the projections supervisor, CAMELIA PATRON (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’25) is the assistant director intern, AVERI PAULSON (BFA, Sound Design, ’21) is the audio supervisor, MAREN ROBINSON (Faculty) is the co-dramaturg, and JESSICA WARDELL (Faculty) is the scenic charge artist.


The Bottoming Process at Theatre Wit

THE BOTTOMING PROCESS is a new play about two writers who meet at WeWork and fall in love – or something like it. One is a famed novelist, and the other is a nobody who’s mostly funny on Twitter. As they mate, date, and cohabitate, they’ll grapple with issues of race, sex, power, and the model minority myth, all to find out who’s really on top.

This one night FREE Staged Reading happens at Theatre Wit Nov. 7th at 7 PM!

TTS Alumni Include:

Rich Adrian (BFA 23′ ACTING)

Taylor (Tae) Santos (MFA ACTING 23′)

Carolyn Bradbury (MFA ACTING 20′)

John Duncan (BAF ACTING 23′)

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Hunger Games: Ballad of the Songbirds & The Snakes

In Hunger Games: Ballad of the Songbirds & The Snakes, (which premiered on November 5, 2023 In Berlin, Germany) Eighteen-year-old Coriolanus Snow, the orphaned son of a Capitol officer, becomes determined to restore his family’s lost wealth. To punish the rebels, two ‘tributes’, a boy and a girl from each District are chosen to fight to the death in an annual competition known as the Hunger Games.

Tanera Marshall (BFA-ACTING 95 Alumni) is in the Cast!

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The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (2023) - IMDb



The Lion in Winter at Court Theatre

The Lion in Winter, Court Theatre, closes 12/3/2023.  JOHN HOOGENAKKER (BFA Acting ’99) is in the cast. CELESTE COOPER (MFA, Acting, ’12) is the associate casting director, JESSICA DONALDSON (BFA Costume Technology, ’22) is the costume shop assistant, JARED GOODING (BFA, Lighting Design ’12) is the lighting designer, MARTINE KEI GREEN-ROGERS (Dean) is the dramaturg, LINDA BUCHANAN (Professor Emerita) is the scenic designer, KATRINA HERRMANN (BFA Stage Management, ’05), NICK SANDYS is the violence and intimacy consultant is the assistant stage manager.

Brew Potions At “WITCH”

The Artistic Home’s ‘Witch’ at The Den Theatre Closes December 3rd 2023. As The Artistic Home puts it, “Join us in this provocative fable as we ponder the value of our souls when hope is scarce.

TTS Alumni Include: Kevin Hagan, Scenic Designer (MFA-SCENE DESIGN 1996), Julian Hester, In The Cast (BFA- ACTING 2012), Bryant Hindsman, In The Cast (BFA-ACTING 2022).

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POTUS, or behind every great show are Seven TTS Alumni Trynna’ make it Happen!

POTUS OR, BEHIND EVERY GREAT DUMBASS ARE SEVEN WOMEN TRYING TO KEEP HIM ALIVE, as Steppenwolf puts it “a bawdy and irreverent look at sex, politics and the women in charge of the man in charge of the free world“, By: Selina Fillinger, closes December 10th 2023 At Steppenwolf Theatre!

Acting Alumni included in the cast are: Chloe Baldwin (BFA ACTING 2017), Karen Aldridge (MFA ACTING 2001) & Celeste Cooper (MFA Acting 2012).

Other Featured Artists/ Alumni Include: Regina Garcia As The Scenic Designer (TTS Faculty), & Heather Gilbert As The Lighting Designer (MFA Lighting Design 1997).

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