Love and Human Remains by Cor Theatre

Love and Human Remains, Cor Theatre, closes 7/11/15. ERNIE NOLAN (MFA, Directing, ’04 & Faculty) directed. TOSHA FOWLER (MFA, Acting, ’09), ANDREW GOETTEN (BFA, Acting, ’10), ERIC STAVES (BFA, Acting, ’13) are in the cast. ALARIE HAMMOCK (BFA, Costume Technology, ’09) designed the costumes. CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is the dramaturg.

Source: Love and Human Remains – Chicago Tribune

9 Circles at Sideshow Theatre Company

9 Circles, Sideshow Theatre Company, closes 10/6/2013. ANDREW GOETTEN (BFA, Acting, ’10) and AMANDA POWELL (BFA, Acting, ’07) are in the cast. COURTENY O’NEILL (BFA, General theatre studies, ’06) is the scenic designer. AARON PIJANOWSKI (Staff) is the military consultant.


Source: 9 Circles | Sideshow Theatre Company

The Big Meal at American Theater Company

The Big Meal, American Theater Company, closes 9/2/2011. DEXTER BULLARD (Faculty) directs. ANDREW GOETTEN (BFA, Acting, ’10) and LINDSAY LEOPOLD (MFA, Acting, ’09) are in the cast. MEGAN KOHL (MFA, Acting, ’09) and COURTENY PAYNE (BFA, Acting, ’09) are understudies.

Source: American Theater Company | The Big Meal