The 8th Annual Living Newspaper Festival at Jackalope Theatre

Living Newspaper Festival, Jackalope Theatre, closes 8/14/2017.

Aziza and the Rocks, ISAAC GOMEZ (Faculty) is the playwright. AZAR KAZEMI (MFA, Directing, ’11 & Faculty) directs.

Put Richard Spencer in a Cross-Arm Neck Breaker?, LIV SHINE (BFA, Acting, ’20) is in the cast.

Nightfall, IKE HOLTER (BFA, Playwriting, ’07) is the playwright. LEEA AYERS (MFA, Acting, ’16) and AMANDA POWELL (BFA, Acting, ’07) are in the cast.

An evening of 6 ten-minute plays inspired by newspaper articles from around the nation, presented by Jackalope Theatre Company.

Source: Jackalope Theatre

Jackalope Theatre

Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake), Jackalope Theatre, closes 12/20/2014. RACHEL SLAVICK (BFA, Acting, ’93, Faculty) is in the cast. MEGAN TRUSCOTT (BFA, Scene Design, ’12) is the scenic designer. SARAH JO WHITE (BFA, Costume Design, ’13) is the costume designer. THOMAS DIXON (Faculty) is the sound designer.

Source: Jackalope Theatre