Fast Company at Jackalope Theatre

Fast Company, Jackalope Theatre, closes 4/11/2020. CAROLYN HU BRADBURY (MFA, Acting, ’20) and VINH NGUYEN (BFA, Acting, ’18) are in the cast. JOY AHN (BFA, Scenic Design, ’18) is the scenic designer. VAHISHTA VAFADARI (MFA, Acting, ’15/Faculty) is the dialect coach. CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is the casting director.


Hoodoo Love at Raven Theatre

Hoodoo Love, Raven Theatre, closes 12/15/2019. WARDELL JULIUS CLARK (BFA, Acting, ’08) directs. MATTHEW JAMES ELAM (BFA, Acting, ’13) and CHRISTOPHER WAYLAND JONES (MFA, Acting, ’16) are in the cast. SIMEAN CARPENTER (BFA, Lighting Design, ’18) is the lighting designer. CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is the casting director.

Sugar in our Wounds by First Floor Theatre

Sugar in our Wounds, First floor Theatre at The Den Theatre, closes 11/23/2019. MIKAEL BURKE (MFA, Directing, ’18) directs. GRAINNE ORTLIEB (BFA, Acting, ’19) is in the cast. MADELINE ROSE BYRNE (BFA, Costume Design, ’19) is our costume designer. CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is the casting director.

Alum Catherine Miller is named Honoree for Windy City Times’ 20th Annual 30 under 30 awards

30 Under 30 Awards Ceremony, Polo Cafe and Catering, 6/26/2019.  CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is an honoree.

“Honorees are 30 years or under as of June 30, and have made substantial contributions to the Chicagoland LGBT community in the fields of entertainment, politics, health, activism, academics, sports or other areas. Hundreds of people have been honored by the paper in the more than 10 years since the awards were established.”

“Catherine Miller is a queer non-binary casting director originally from San Diego, California. After Catherine came out, they realized the lack of representation on local stages of non-binary and trans individuals. They began advocating and educating theatre companies about breaking the binary in casting and make audition rooms safe spaces for all. Over the past two years, they’ve been invited to speak on panels and create workshops for Director’s Lab Chicago, The Theatre School at DePaul and Steppenwolf Theatre.

Catherine is a company member at First Floor Theater and most recently has cast for Raven Theatre, Jackalope Theatre, and Red Tape Theatre. They are a nominator for the Kilroy’s List and were featured on New City’s 2019 Players: The Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago. Catherine holds a BFA in Dramaturgy/Criticism from The Theatre School at DePaul. They also happen to be in the Fly Honey Show!

Did you know? When Catherine was ten, they won an all expense paid trip to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure by entering a contest at Target.”


Source: Windy City Times