Top Girls by Remy Bumppo

Top Girls, Remy Bumppo, closes 2/22/2020. KEIRA FROMM (MFA, Directing, ’09) directs. LINDA GILLUM (Faculty), ANNABEL ARMOUR (GSD), and VAHISHTA VAFADARI (MFA, Acting, ’15/Faculty) are in the cast. COURTNEY O’NEILL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’06/Faculty) is the scenic designer and KRISTINA FLUTY (Faculty) is the movement and intimacy coordinator.

The Niceties at Writers Theatre

The Niceties, Writers Theatre, closes 12/15/2019. AYANNA BRIA BAKARI (BFA, Acting, ’17) is in the cast. DAVID CASTELLANOS (BFA, Production Management, ’88) is the production stage manager, COURTNEY O’NEILL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’06) is the scenic designer, and HEATHER GILBERT (MFA, Lighting Design, ’97) is the lighting designer.

A Funny Thing… by Route 66 Theatre

A Funny thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Sloan-Ketting Memorial Cancer Center of New York CityRoute 66 at the Den Theatre, closes 9/23/2017. KEIRA FROMM (MFA, Directing, ’09) directs. MARY WILLIAMSON (BFA, Acting, ’08) is in the cast. COURTNEY O’NEILL (BFA, Theatre Studies, ’06) is the scenic designer.



















Source: Route 66 Has Its A FUNNY THING…Cast and Creatives | PerformInk

The Grapes of Wrath at The Gift Theatre

The Grapes of Wrath, The Gift Theatre, closes 8/14/16. ERICA WEISS (BFA, Theatre Studies, ’05) directs. CASEY MORRIS (MFA, Acting, ’15) is in the cast. ALARIE HAMMOCK (BFA, Costume Technology, ’09) is the costume designer and COURTNEY O’NEILL (BFA, Theatre Studies, ’06) is the scene designer.

Source: The Gift Theatre announces casting for “The Grapes of Wrath” by The Gift Theatre Company in Chicago