Victory Gardens’ Ignition Festival of New Plays

#NEWSLAVES, at Victory Gardens Theater’s Ignition Festival, one night only 8/2/2019 at 7:30PM. MIKAEL BURKE (MFA, Directing, ’18) directs. McKENZIE CHINN (MFA, Acting, ’11), JALEN GILBERT (BFA, Acting, ’16), CASEY MORRIS (MFA, Acting, ’15), and EDGAR SANCHEZ (BFA, Acting, ’07) is in the cast.

They Could Give No Name, at Victory Gardens Theater’s Ignition Festival, one reading only 8/3/2019 at 11:00AM. KRYSTAL ORTIZ (BFA, Acting, ’16) and COLIN SPHAR (BFA, Acting, ’11) are in the cast.

The Gradient, at Victory Gardens Theater’s Ignition Festival, one reading only 8/4/2019 at 3:00PM. KROYDELL GALIMA (BFA, Acting, ’09), ELENI PAPPAGEORGE (Acting, ’04-’05), and DEMETRIOS TROY (BA, Acting, ’04) are in the cast.

Ignition 2019; Headshots of Meghan Brown, Steph Del Rosso, Erika Dickerson-Despenza, Keelay Gipson, Geraldine Inoa, and Exal Iraheta

The Book of SebastiÁn by The Jacobins

The Book of SebastiánThe Jacobins at The Den, closes 9/1/2018. ASHLYN LOZANO (BFA, Acting, ’15) directs. MARIANA CASTRO (BFA, Acting, ’18), ZACH DE NARDI (MFA, Acting, ’15), NOAH LAUFER (BFA, Acting, ’15), KRYSTAL ORTIZ (BFA, Acting, ’16), MAX STEWART (BFA, Acting, ’15), and NICK TRENGOVE (MFA, Acting, ’18) are in the cast. ERINN FREDIN (BFA, Acting, ’15) is the movement director. TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’15) and FIONA GARRETSON (BFA, Acting, ’15) are co-producers. ERIC MATTHEW RICHARDSON (BS, Sound Recording Technology), who graduated from The DePaul School of Music, is the composer and playwright.

Source: UPCOMING – The Jacobins

Lonely Hearts by Birch House Immersive at The Den Theatre

Lonely Hearts, Birch House Immersive at The Dean Theatre, 2/13-2/14/2018. Created by DEAN CORRIN (Faculty), LAUREN FIELDS (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’14) and JANIE KILLIPS (BFA, Playwriting, ’15). DREW BEYER (BFA, Playwriting, ’17), LEO CHAPPELL (BFA, Acting, ’15), ANNA CONNELLY (BFA, Acting, ’18), DEAN CORRIN (Faculty), TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’15), LAURA HARRISON (MFA, Acting, ’15), CHARLES JOHNSTON (MFA, Acting, ’16), CLAIRE ALLEGRA TAYLOR (BFA, Acting, ’16), ASHLYN LOZANO (BFA, Acting, ’15), KRYSTAL ORTIZ (BFA, Acting, ’16), and JILL PEREZ (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’16) are in the cast. SARAH McELROY (BFA, Theatre Management, ’16) is a producer.

Source: (1) Lonely Hearts