The Death of Gaia Divine at Momentary Theatre

The Death of Gaia Divine, Momentary Theatre at The Greenhouse, closes 1/26/2019. JACOB SHULER (BFA, Playwriting, ’12) is the playwright. MATTHEW MESSINA (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) directs. NOAH LAUFER (BFA, Acting, ’15) and SOFIA TEW (BFA, Acting, ’16) are in the cast.

Source: Momentary Theatre | Our Shows

The Book of SebastiÁn by The Jacobins

The Book of SebastiánThe Jacobins at The Den, closes 9/1/2018. ASHLYN LOZANO (BFA, Acting, ’15) directs. MARIANA CASTRO (BFA, Acting, ’18), ZACH DE NARDI (MFA, Acting, ’15), NOAH LAUFER (BFA, Acting, ’15), KRYSTAL ORTIZ (BFA, Acting, ’16), MAX STEWART (BFA, Acting, ’15), and NICK TRENGOVE (MFA, Acting, ’18) are in the cast. ERINN FREDIN (BFA, Acting, ’15) is the movement director. TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’15) and FIONA GARRETSON (BFA, Acting, ’15) are co-producers. ERIC MATTHEW RICHARDSON (BS, Sound Recording Technology), who graduated from The DePaul School of Music, is the composer and playwright.

Source: UPCOMING – The Jacobins

Homo Andronicus by The Antidote

Homo Andronicus, The Antidote at A Red Orchid Theatre, closes 8/30/15. MICHAEL OSINSKI (MFA, Directing, ’14) directed. JACOB STANTON (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’14) is the associate director. CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is the dramaturg. DAN FRIEDMAN (BFA, Lighting Design, ’15) designed the lights. TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’15), PAULINE GILFILLAN (BFA, Acting, ’14), AUDREY GLADSON (BFA, Acting, ’15), SAM HAINES (BFA, Acting, ’15), NOAH LAUFER (BFA, Acting, ’15), JARED HECHT (BFA, Playwriting, ’15), ASHLYN LOZANO (BFA, Acting, ’15), CASEY MORRIS (MFA, Acting, ’15), LAURA RESINGER (MFA, Acting, ’15), REJINAL SIMON (BFA, Acting, ’14), JASON VON ROHN (MFA, Acting, ’14), and MARIE WEISS (MFA, Acting, ’14) are in the ensemble.

Source: The Antidote | Homo Andronicus

The Two Gentlemen of Verona at Oak Park Festival Theatre

The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Oak Park Festival Theatre, closes 8/22/15. LAVINA JADHWANI (MFA, Directing, ’15) directed. DAN COBBLER (MFA, Acting, ’13), NOAH LAUFER (BFA, Acting, ’15), ASHLYN LOZANO (BFA, Acting, ’15), ERIKA MIRANDA (BFA, Acting, ’15), and VAHISHTA VAFADARI (MFA, Acting, ’15) are in the cast.

Source: THE TWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA | 2015 | Oak Park Festival Theatre

Fugue for Particle Accelerator 20% Theatre Company

Fugue for Particle Accelerator, 20% Theatre Company at Prop Thtr, closes 10/18/15. LAVINA JADHWANI (MFA, Directing, ’15) directed. KRISTIN IDASZAK (BFA, Theatre Arts, ‘09) wrote the play. PAMELA DAVIS (MFA, Acting, ‘12), DAN COBBLER (MFA, Acting, ‘13), ERIKA MIRANDA (BFA, Acting, ’15), and NOAH LAUFER (BFA, Acting, ’15) are in the cast. JEREMY PFAFF (MFA, Acting, ’15) and LAURA RESINGER (MFA, Acting, ’15) are understudies. EMILY GUTHRIE (BFA, Scene Design, ‘09) designed the props. ELLIE HUMPHREYS (BFA, Lighting Design, ‘12) designed the lights.

Source: 20% Theatre Company Chicago | Fugue for Particle Accelerator