Chicago Shakespeare Theater: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Chicago Shakespeare Theater in the Parks, closes 8/26/2018. ADAM WESLEY BROWN (BFA, Acting, ’12) and JASMINE BRACEY (Faculty) are in the cast. JERI MARSHALL (MFA, Acting, ’16) and REJINAL SIMON (BFA, Acting, ’14) are understudies. DAVID WOOLLEY (BFA, Acting, ’81) is the fight choreographer and LARRY YANDO (MFA, Acting, ’88) is the verse coach.

Source: Chicago Shakespeare Theater: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Homo Andronicus by The Antidote

Homo Andronicus, The Antidote at A Red Orchid Theatre, closes 8/30/15. MICHAEL OSINSKI (MFA, Directing, ’14) directed. JACOB STANTON (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’14) is the associate director. CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is the dramaturg. DAN FRIEDMAN (BFA, Lighting Design, ’15) designed the lights. TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’15), PAULINE GILFILLAN (BFA, Acting, ’14), AUDREY GLADSON (BFA, Acting, ’15), SAM HAINES (BFA, Acting, ’15), NOAH LAUFER (BFA, Acting, ’15), JARED HECHT (BFA, Playwriting, ’15), ASHLYN LOZANO (BFA, Acting, ’15), CASEY MORRIS (MFA, Acting, ’15), LAURA RESINGER (MFA, Acting, ’15), REJINAL SIMON (BFA, Acting, ’14), JASON VON ROHN (MFA, Acting, ’14), and MARIE WEISS (MFA, Acting, ’14) are in the ensemble.

Source: The Antidote | Homo Andronicus