Lonely Hearts by Birch House Immersive at The Den Theatre

Lonely Hearts, Birch House Immersive at The Dean Theatre, 2/13-2/14/2018. Created by DEAN CORRIN (Faculty), LAUREN FIELDS (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’14) and JANIE KILLIPS (BFA, Playwriting, ’15). DREW BEYER (BFA, Playwriting, ’17), LEO CHAPPELL (BFA, Acting, ’15), ANNA CONNELLY (BFA, Acting, ’18), DEAN CORRIN (Faculty), TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’15), LAURA HARRISON (MFA, Acting, ’15), CHARLES JOHNSTON (MFA, Acting, ’16), CLAIRE ALLEGRA TAYLOR (BFA, Acting, ’16), ASHLYN LOZANO (BFA, Acting, ’15), KRYSTAL ORTIZ (BFA, Acting, ’16), and JILL PEREZ (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’16) are in the cast. SARAH McELROY (BFA, Theatre Management, ’16) is a producer.

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Paragon: A Sci-Fi + Fantasy Play Festival at The Public House Theatre

PARAGON: A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Theatre Festival, at The Public House Theatre. LAUREN NICOLE FIELDS (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’14) will direct two of the readings: BAD DOGS & UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. MAUREEN MIZENER (MFA, Acting, ’14), CHLOE BALDWIN (BFA, Acting, ’17), DREW BEYER (BFA, Playwriting, ’17), CLAIRE ALLEGRA TAYLOR (BFA, Acting, ’16), and WILLIAM DELFORGE (BFA, Acting, ’16) are acting in the readings.

Source: Paragon: A Sci-Fi + Fantasy Play Festival | The Public House Theatre