Miracle the Musical at Royal George Theatre

Miracle the Musical, Royal George Theatre, closing 9/1/2019. DAMON KIELY (Faculty) directs. ERIN KRAFT (MFA, Directing, ’17) assistant directs. CHRISTINE BINDER (Faculty) is the lighting designer, KATHLEEN MUELLER MASON (BFA, Theatre Management, ’09) is the company manager, ANGELA McILVAIN (BFA, Scenic Design, ‘16) is the props designer, COLLETTE POLLARD (BFA, Scenic Design, ’00) is the scenic designer, and AARON SHAPIRO (BA, Theatre Arts, ’04) is the general manager.

Source: Miracle the Musical

The Rainmaker at American Blues Theater

The Rainmaker, American Blues Theater at The Greenhouse Theater Center, closes 9/27/15. ED BLATCHFORD (MFA, Acting, ‘84) will direct. DANNY GOLDRING (BFA, Acting, ‘73) and LINSEY PAGE MORTON (BFA, Acting, ‘00) are in the cast. AARON SHAPIRO (BFA, Theatre Arts, ‘04) is the production manager. MORGAN LAKE (BFA, Sound Design, ‘15) is the assistant sound designer.

Source: The Rainmaker – American Blues Theater