True West by the Shattered Globe Theatre 

True West, Shattered Globe Theatre at Theatre Wit, closes 10/22/2016. MORGAN LAKE (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) is the sound designer, GREG PINSONEAULT (BFA, Scene Design, ’15) is the scenic designer, and SARAH JO WHITE (BFA, Costume Design, ’13).

Source: Shattered Globe Theatre :: Chicago Theater | True West – CLOSED

The Rainmaker at American Blues Theater

The Rainmaker, American Blues Theater at The Greenhouse Theater Center, closes 9/27/15. ED BLATCHFORD (MFA, Acting, ‘84) will direct. DANNY GOLDRING (BFA, Acting, ‘73) and LINSEY PAGE MORTON (BFA, Acting, ‘00) are in the cast. AARON SHAPIRO (BFA, Theatre Arts, ‘04) is the production manager. MORGAN LAKE (BFA, Sound Design, ‘15) is the assistant sound designer.

Source: The Rainmaker – American Blues Theater

The Fly Honey Show by The Inconvenience 

The Fly Honey Show, The Inconvenience at the Chopin Theatre, closes 9/3/2016. MISSI DAVIS (BFA, Acting, ’07) is the producer, MORGAN LAKE (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) is the co-sound designer, SHANNON MATESKY (BFA, Acting, ’10) is a writer, and MARY WILLIAMSON (BFA, Acting, ’08) is the writer/host and part of the company.

Source: FHS VII (2016) Gallery — The Fly Honey Show