Faith Resisting Authority in the Name of Justice and Love: Immigration Law and the Bible


Certain sections of the Bible have historically been used by governments and others in authority to justify policies that result in increased suffering among the poor.  Rev. Craig Mousin cites a verse from the Letter to the Romans that has recently been used by the United States Federal Government with that very result.

He points out that a fuller reading of that letter and of the Bible as a whole clearly shows examples of people of faith who have resisted authority in the name of justice and love.

Ask yourself: when making an important decision and seeking guidance from Scripture, do I verse-shop for a passage that will justify my previously held position, or do I look for that Spirit of Justice and Love, Wisdom and Compassion that hides within its pages?

Bushra Amiwala : Explore Your Purpose

Meet Bushra Amiwala, a DePaul student who combines her academics and faith in her pursuit to make an impact in public policy. Bushra was the first Pakistani woman and youngest candidate to ever get her name on a Cook County ballot. Her dedication to increasing representation in politics has gotten the attention of many national media outlets including TIME magazine, Teen Vogue, Glamour magazine and the New York Times. While Bushra did not win her race, she continues to advocate for youth activism speaking at over forty high schools and colleges to get her message out. DePaul’s Division of Mission and Ministry recognizes Bushra Amiwala for blending her academic goals with a deeper sense of purpose.

Vinny Prize 2018 – First Place – Inside Out

1st Place Vinny Prize: Inside Out

Ella Lubienski

This film narrates the writings of incarcerated students from DePaul’s Inside Out “Think Tank” class on their life in a maximum-security prison. Through their words, we experience the social, mental, physical, and emotional impact of incarceration, and ponder its effectiveness.

Vinny Prize 2018 Second Place – The Third Pillar of Islam

2nd Place Vinny Prize : Akram Shibly

The Third Pillar of Islam: How a Mosque Transformed a Community through Kindness

Six years ago, a vacant Catholic church in a low-income Buffalo, New York neighborhood was purchased by a Muslim community and turned into a mosque. The location was specifically chosen in order to serve surrounding families facing poverty. This film provides an example of how Islam’s third pillar of charity has transformed the area both by decreasing crime and creating a warm and welcoming community center for families.

The Virtuous Personality of Blessed Frederick Ozanam


Frederic Ozanam’s life is examined to illustrate his many virtues. Among these were “sensitive charity, practical wisdom, care for the truth, [and] love of family.” This study divides his life into three phases: his education and formation, his legal career, and his definitive vocation. The section on Ozanam’s education and formation gives information on his early family life and how he came to be influenced by Vincent de Paul, which has not appeared in as much detail in previous Vincentian Heritage articles on him.

“The Virtuous Personality of Blessed Frederick Ozanam” in Vincentian Heritage, vol. 17, issue 1 of 3, and may be found at:

Additional writings about Blessed Frederick Ozanam may be found in a special edition of Vincentian Heritage, vol. 30, issue 1 at: