The Virtuous Personality of Blessed Frederick Ozanam


Frederic Ozanam’s life is examined to illustrate his many virtues. Among these were “sensitive charity, practical wisdom, care for the truth, [and] love of family.” This study divides his life into three phases: his education and formation, his legal career, and his definitive vocation. The section on Ozanam’s education and formation gives information on his early family life and how he came to be influenced by Vincent de Paul, which has not appeared in as much detail in previous Vincentian Heritage articles on him.

“The Virtuous Personality of Blessed Frederick Ozanam” in Vincentian Heritage, vol. 17, issue 1 of 3, and may be found at:

Additional writings about Blessed Frederick Ozanam may be found in a special edition of Vincentian Heritage, vol. 30, issue 1 at:


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