Middle Passage from Lifeline Theatre Available for Remote Viewing

Middle Passage, Lifeline Theatre, avaliable for remote viewing through 4/19/2020. HUNTER BRYANT (BFA, Acting, ’17) and MICHAEL MORROW (BFA, Acting, ’18) are in the cast, GREGORY J. FIELDS (BFA, Acting, ’19) understudies. SIMEAN CARPENTER (BFA, Lighting Design, ’18) is the lighting designer. MAREN ROBINSON (Faculty) is the dramaturg.

Little Time Theatre Co. Presents Clementine, Its Inagural Production

Clementine, Little Time Theatre, closes 3/29/2020. CAMERON ROBERTS (BFA, Acting, ’19) is the playwright and is in the cast. GREGORY J. FIELDS (BFA, Acting, ’19) is in the cast. ANDREI BORGES (BFA, Lighting Design, ’19) is the lighting designer. VAL BUCHANAN (BFA, Stage Management, ’22) is the stage manager. MATTHEW MARTINEZ HANNON (MFA, Acting, ’19) directs.


Middle Passage at Lifeline Theatre

Middle Passage, Lifeline Theatre, closes 4/5/2020. HUNTER BRYANT (BFA, Acting, ’17) and MICHAEL MORROW (BFA, Acting, ’18) are in the cast, GREGORY J. FIELDS (BFA, Acting, ’19) understudies. SIMEAN CARPENTER  (BFA, Lighting Design, ’18) is the lighting designer. MAREN ROBINSON (Faculty) is the dramaturg.

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Prop Thtr’s Season opens with ‘The Storefront Project’ in Collaboration with the MCA

The Storefront ProjectProp Thtr and The Museum of Contemporary Art, closes 9/22/2019. MIKAEL BURKE (MFA, Directing, ’18), APRIL CLEVELAND (MFA, Directing, ’19), and COYA PAZ (Faculty) all direct pieces included in the project.

In April Cleveland’s piece, GRACE GRINDELL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19) assistant directs. KYA BRICKHOUSE (BFA, Acting, ’19), GREGORY J. FIELDS (BFA, Acting, ’19), and NICK WREN (BFA, Acting, ’20) are all in the cast.