American Theatre and the Chicago Tribune Feature Current Theatre School Students and Faculty for Zoom and Remote Learning Discussion

American Theatre features MADIE DOPPELT (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), LISA PORTES (Faculty) and REBECCA WILLINGHAM (MFA, Directing, ’22) in discussion of how Zoom will revolutionize today’s college theatre programs.

“Portes remains confident that the theatre community will pull through. “The good news is that we’re creative,” she says. “We’re a creative field that is built on people collaborating together to figure out how to make things—and that’s what we’re doing.””

The Chicago Tribune features ADAM CRAWFORD (BFA, Acting, ’20) KYLE CUNNINGHAM (BFA, Lighting Design, ’20), VICTORIA DEIORIO (FACULTY), COYA PAZ (Faculty), JUSTEN ROSS (BFA, Acting, ’21), KEIMON SHOOK (BFA, Acting, ’21),

“It goes back to this question of, either we think our work matters or it doesn’t. And if we think it matters, it matters now as much as it did last week,” Paz said.

“As artists, it’s our job to mirror the world,” Ross said. “And if we’re not tapped in, we can’t mirror it successfully. So I think this is, if anything, good, because it shows everybody that we’ve got more work to do.”

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Prop Thtr’s Season opens with ‘The Storefront Project’ in Collaboration with the MCA

The Storefront ProjectProp Thtr and The Museum of Contemporary Art, closes 9/22/2019. MIKAEL BURKE (MFA, Directing, ’18), APRIL CLEVELAND (MFA, Directing, ’19), and COYA PAZ (Faculty) all direct pieces included in the project.

In April Cleveland’s piece, GRACE GRINDELL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19) assistant directs. KYA BRICKHOUSE (BFA, Acting, ’19), GREGORY J. FIELDS (BFA, Acting, ’19), and NICK WREN (BFA, Acting, ’20) are all in the cast.

Ensemble-Made Chicago by Coya Paz Brownrigg available now

COYA PAZ BROWNRIGG (Faculty) has a new book out now! Ensemble-Made Chicago, A Guide to Devised Theatre brings together the work of a wide range of Chicago theater companies to share strategies for cocreating theatrical performance as an ensemble.

“Assembled from interviews and firsthand observations, the book is written in a lively and accessible style and will serve as an invaluable guide for students and practitioners alike, as well as an important archive of Chicago’s vibrant ensemble traditions. Readers will find new creative methods to enrich their own practice and push their work in new directions.”

Source: Ensemble-Made Chicago | Northwestern University Press

For US, with Love by Free Street Theater

For US with Love, Free Street Theater, closes 4/28/2018. KATRINA DION (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’14) directs. ZANDRA STARKS (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19) is in the ensemble. MADISON DELK (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’18) stage manages, MADDIE DOYLE (BFA, Sound Design, ’18) is the sound designer, and CASSANDRA KENDALL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) is the lighting designer. COYA PAZ (Faculty) is the current artistic director.

Source: For US, with Love

Brujos on Open TV (Streaming)

Brujos, Open TV (Streaming). RESHIMI RUSTEBAKKE (MFA, Directing, ’12) co-directs and produces the series. JAMES GASBER (BFA, Acting, ’11), ISAAC GOMEZ (Faculty), SHADE MURRAY (Faculty), SEAN JAMES WILLIAM PARRIS (MFA, Acting, ’11), COYA PAZ (Faculty),  CARTER PETRAY (BFA, Acting), and AARON RUSTEBAKKE (MFA, Acting, ’11) are in the cast. CASSANDRA KENDALL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) is the makeup and blood FX artists.


Source: BRUJOS — Open TV

Coya Paz performs at Outspoken

COYA PAZ BROWNRIGG (Faculty) will be one of six storytellers performing at OUTspoken! on 9/11/2017 at Sidetrack Chicago. Doors open at 6pm.

OUTspoken! LGBTQ Storytelling at Sidetrack Our monthly event is the first Tuesday of every month – except this July 2017 when it will be Tuesday, July 11th (due to the 4th of July Holiday). Doors to MainBar open at 6pm Stories begin at 7pm Typically there will be […]

Source: Outspoken – Sidetrack Chicago

Coya Paz on Vocalo

COYA PAZ (Faculty) was featured in an interview on Vocalo radio today, responding to an article called The Cowardice of White Women: Learning to Resist, published by, by writer Louisa Leontiades. The article examines the participation women in the quest for human rights and social justice. The article raises the question: At what point would I put my own life on the line for others? Coya helps unpack that query.

Source: Curated by #teamvocalo