Brujos on Open TV (Streaming)

Brujos, Open TV (Streaming). RESHIMI RUSTEBAKKE (MFA, Directing, ’12) co-directs and produces the series. JAMES GASBER (BFA, Acting, ’11), ISAAC GOMEZ (Faculty), SHADE MURRAY (Faculty), SEAN JAMES WILLIAM PARRIS (MFA, Acting, ’11), COYA PAZ (Faculty),  CARTER PETRAY (BFA, Acting), and AARON RUSTEBAKKE (MFA, Acting, ’11) are in the cast. CASSANDRA KENDALL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) is the makeup and blood FX artists.


Source: BRUJOS — Open TV

The Spirit of Seventy-Six at The Agency Theater Collective

The Spirit of Seventy-Six, The Agency Theater Collective, closes 3/20/2016. MARK MOCARSKI (BFA, Acting, ’15), CARTER PETRAY (BFA, Acting), and JACK SCHULTZ (BFA, Acting) are in the cast. ELLIE HUMPHRYS (BFA, Lighting Design, ’12) is the lighting designer. ANDREW GALLANT (MFA, Acting, ’09, Faculty) co-directs.

Source: The Spirit of ’76 – The Agency Theater Collective