Prop Thtr’s Season opens with ‘The Storefront Project’ in Collaboration with the MCA

The Storefront ProjectProp Thtr and The Museum of Contemporary Art, closes 9/22/2019. MIKAEL BURKE (MFA, Directing, ’18), APRIL CLEVELAND (MFA, Directing, ’19), and COYA PAZ (Faculty) all direct pieces included in the project.

In April Cleveland’s piece, GRACE GRINDELL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19) assistant directs. KYA BRICKHOUSE (BFA, Acting, ’19), GREGORY J. FIELDS (BFA, Acting, ’19), and NICK WREN (BFA, Acting, ’20) are all in the cast.

Wrights of Spring 2019 at the Theatre School

Wrights of SpringThe Theatre School, closes 5/26/2019. Features the work of BRENNA BARBORKA (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), CONNOR BRADSHAW (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), MATTHEW CARPENTER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), IAN CHONG (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), JACOB CRAIGO-SNELL (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), MADIE DOPPELT (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), ETHAN DOSKEY (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), EMMA DURBIN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), CAMILLA DWYER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), MADISON FARGO (BFA, Playwrighting, ’19), GRACE GINDELL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), ROBERT HALVORSON (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), JP HEILI (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), BRENT LEIBOWITZ (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), GRACE LOWRY (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), MEGAN LUCAS (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), C McLENNAN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), ELENA GONZALEZ MOLINA (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’21), BRADY JAMES PIERCE (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), JAKE PINCKES (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), AMANDA PLAYFORD (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), MOLLY ROSEN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), ERIN WILBORN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’19), JAY WILLIAMS (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19).

Wrights of Spring 2018 at The Theatre School

Wrights of Spring, The Theatre School, closes 5/26/2018. Features the work of DAVID BARBER (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), BRENNA BARBORKA (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), DREW BEYER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’17), CONNOR BRADSHAW (BFA, Playwrighting, ‘2020), MATTHEW D. CARPENTER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), IAN CHONG (BFA, Playwriting, ’21), CHANDLER CLAMP (BFA, Playwrighting, ’18), KATE COLEY (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’20), MADIE DOPPELT (BFA, Playwrighting, ‘2020), EMMA DURBIN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), CAMILLA DWYER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), MADISON FARGO (BFA, Playwrighting, ’19), IMMANUEL A. GARCIA (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), GRACE GRINDELL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), ROBERT HALVORSON (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), RYAN HEBERT (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’20), JP HEILI (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), BRENT LEIBOWITZ (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), MEGAN LUCAS (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), CONNOR McCARSON (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), CAMILLE MITCHELL (BFA, Playwrighting, ’18), CHLOË ORLANDO (BFA, Playwrighting, ’18), FRANKIE PEDERSEN (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), JAKE PINCKES (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), MOLLY ROSEN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), LILY RUSHING (BFA, Playwrighting, ’18), ELON SLOAN (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’18), DELIA VAN PRAAG (BFA, Playwrighting, ’18), and ERIN WILBORN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’19). For more information regarding specific events, check out

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