Strange Heart Beating by Cloudgate Theatre

Strange Heart Beating, Cloudgate Theatre, closes 7/28/2019. KRISTIN IDASZAK (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’09) is the playwright. SHANE KELLY (Faculty) is the producer. LILA GILBERT (BFA, Theatre Technology, ’18) is the production manager, DOMINIC DiGIOVANNI (Staff) is the technical director,  (BFA, Scene Design, ’17) is the Scenic Designer, NIC McNULTY (BFA, Theatre Technology, ’20) is the props master and paint charge. ELENA GONZALEZ MOLINA (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’21) is the assistant director, AVERI PAULSEN (BFA, Sound Design, ’21) is the sound designer, ANNA WOODEN (Faculty) is the costume designer, and LUCY ELKIN (BFA, Costume Design, ’21) is the wardrobe supervisor.


Wrights of Spring 2019 at the Theatre School

Wrights of SpringThe Theatre School, closes 5/26/2019. Features the work of BRENNA BARBORKA (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), CONNOR BRADSHAW (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), MATTHEW CARPENTER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), IAN CHONG (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), JACOB CRAIGO-SNELL (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), MADIE DOPPELT (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), ETHAN DOSKEY (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), EMMA DURBIN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), CAMILLA DWYER (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), MADISON FARGO (BFA, Playwrighting, ’19), GRACE GINDELL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), ROBERT HALVORSON (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), JP HEILI (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), BRENT LEIBOWITZ (BFA, Playwrighting, ’20), GRACE LOWRY (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), MEGAN LUCAS (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), C McLENNAN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), ELENA GONZALEZ MOLINA (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’21), BRADY JAMES PIERCE (BFA, Playwrighting, ’22), JAKE PINCKES (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), AMANDA PLAYFORD (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19), MOLLY ROSEN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’21), ERIN WILBORN (BFA, Playwrighting, ’19), JAY WILLIAMS (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19).