Middle Passage from Lifeline Theatre Available for Remote Viewing

Middle Passage, Lifeline Theatre, avaliable for remote viewing through 4/19/2020. HUNTER BRYANT (BFA, Acting, ’17) and MICHAEL MORROW (BFA, Acting, ’18) are in the cast, GREGORY J. FIELDS (BFA, Acting, ’19) understudies. SIMEAN CARPENTER (BFA, Lighting Design, ’18) is the lighting designer. MAREN ROBINSON (Faculty) is the dramaturg.

Middle Passage at Lifeline Theatre

Middle Passage, Lifeline Theatre, closes 4/5/2020. HUNTER BRYANT (BFA, Acting, ’17) and MICHAEL MORROW (BFA, Acting, ’18) are in the cast, GREGORY J. FIELDS (BFA, Acting, ’19) understudies. SIMEAN CARPENTER  (BFA, Lighting Design, ’18) is the lighting designer. MAREN ROBINSON (Faculty) is the dramaturg.

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Peter and the Starcatcher at Citadel Theatre

Peter and the Starcatcher, Citadel Theatre, closes 10/20/2019. JEREMY ALUMA (MFA, Directing, ’19) directs. JULIA ATKIN (BFA, Acting, ‘17) assistant directs. CHRISTIAN EDWIN COOK (MFA, Acting, ’16), DANIEL GADAJ (BFA, Acting, ’17), JASON GOFF (MFA, Acting, ’15), JAYSON LEE (BFA, Acting, ’19), MICHAEL MORROW (BFA, Acting, ‘18), and DEKYI RONGÉ (MFA, Acting, ’18) are in the cast. ANDREI BORGES (BFA, Lighting Design, ‘19) is the lighting designer, MADELEINE BYRNE (BFA, Costume Design, ‘19) is the costume designer, and LINDSAY MUMMERT (BFA, Scene Design, ‘20) is the scenic charge artist.


The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity at Red Theater

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Red Theater Chicago at Strawdog Theatre, closes 9/16/2017. JEREMY ALUMA (MFA, Directing, ’19) directs. MICHAEL MORROW (BFA, Acting, ’18) and MICHAEL STOCK (MFA, Acting, ’17) are understudies. HAILEY RAKOWIECKI (BFA, Costume Design/Technology, ’17) is the costume designer.

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity by Kristoffer Diaz Previews: August 15th- August 17th Performances: August 18th – September 16th, 2017 Directed by Jeremy Aluma Starring: Alejandro Tey, Semaj Miller, Mickey O’Sullivan, Priyank Thakkar, Will Snyder At Strawdog Theatre: 1802 W Berenice Ave, Chicago, IL 60613 Reservations at redtheater.org/tickets Chad… Continue reading

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