The Columnist at American Blues Theater

The Columnist, American Blues Theater, closes 4/9/2017. KEIRA FROMM (MFA, Directing, ’09) directs. IAN PAUL CUSTER (BFA, Acting, ’08) and KYMBERLY MELLEN (MFA, Acting, ’00 & Faculty), are in the cast.  JARED GOODING (BFA, Lighting Design, ’12) is the lighting designer, and ALEC LONG (BFA, Scenic design, ’12) is the props master.


Source: The Columnist – American Blues Theater

The Rainmaker at American Blues Theater

The Rainmaker, American Blues Theater at The Greenhouse Theater Center, closes 9/27/15. ED BLATCHFORD (MFA, Acting, ‘84) will direct. DANNY GOLDRING (BFA, Acting, ‘73) and LINSEY PAGE MORTON (BFA, Acting, ‘00) are in the cast. AARON SHAPIRO (BFA, Theatre Arts, ‘04) is the production manager. MORGAN LAKE (BFA, Sound Design, ‘15) is the assistant sound designer.

Source: The Rainmaker – American Blues Theater

Native Son by American Blues Theater

Native Son, American Blues Theater at the Court Theatre, closes 10/19/2014. SHANESIA DAVIS (BFA, Acting, ’89), EDGAR SANCHEZ (BFA, Acting, ’07), and TRACEY BONNER (MFA, Acting, ’05) are in the cast. NAMBI E. KELLEY (BFA, Playwriting, ’95) adapted the play. JOSHUA HORVATH (Faculty) is the sound designer.

Source: Native Son – American Blues Theater

Hank Williams: Lost Highway at American Blues Theater

Hank Williams: Lost Highway, American Blues Theater, closes 9/28/2014. DAMON KIELY (Faculty) directs. NICK BELLEY (Lighting Design, ’13) is the lighting designer. ELLIE HUMPHRYS (BFA, Lighting Design, ’12) is the assistant lighting designer and master electrician.

Source: Hank Williams: Lost Highway – American Blues Theater