Traitor at A Red Orchid Theatre

Traitor, A Red Orchid Theatre, closes 2/25/2018. MISSI DAVIS (BFA, Acting, ’07) and KRISTIN ELLIS (BFA, Acting, ’11) are in the cast. CAROLYN MOORE (BFA, Acting, ’17) and SAMANTHA NEWCOMB (BFA, Acting, ’17) understudy. TANYA PALMER (Faculty) is the dramaturg. MIERKA GIRTEN (MFA Acting program ’92-’93) is the casting director.

Source: Currently Playing | A Red Orchid Theatre

Carlyle at Goodman Theatre

Carlyle, Goodman Theatre, closes 5/1/2016. MAUREEN GALLAGHER (GSD, Acting), LEVENIX RIDDLE (BFA, Acting, ’11), CHARLETTE SPEIGNER (BFA, Acting, ’03), and DON TIERI (MFA, Acting, ’88) are in the cast. HEATHER GILBERT (MFA, Lighting design, ’97) is the lighting designer. TANYA PALMER (Faculty) is the dramaturg.

Source: Carlyle | Goodman Theatre