Choir Boy at Raven Theatre Chicago

Choir Boy, Raven Theatre, closes 11/12/2017. TERELL ALVIN McCRANEY (BFA, Acting, ’03) wrote the play. CHRISTOPHER W. JONES (MFA, Acting, ’16) and DON TIERI (MFA, Acting, ’88) are in the cast. KI-JANA MOORE (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) understudies. BREON ARZELL (Faculty) is the choreographer, JoANN MONTEMURRO (BFA, Acting, ’81) is the costume designer, MARY O’DOWD (MFA Acting program, ’93-’95) is the props designer, NOELLE SIMONE (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) is the assistant choreographer, and SEBBY WOLDT (BFA, Sound Design, ’16) is the sound designer.

Source: Choir Boy | Raven Theatre Chicago

The Assembled Parties at Raven Theatre

The Assembled Parties, Raven Theatre, closes 3/25/2017. MICHAEL CONROY (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’15) assistant directs. JoANN MONTEMURRO (BFA, Acting, ’81) and LORETTA REZOS (MFA, Acting, ’97) are in the cast. BRIAN MCKNIGHT (MFA, Acting, ’01 & Faculty) understudies. NICK BELLEY (BFA, Lighting Design, ’13) is the lighting designer.

Source: The Assembled Parties | Raven Theatre

The House of Blue Leaves at Raven Theatre

The House of Blue Leaves, Raven Theatre, closes 6/18/16. JoANN MONTEMURRO (BFA, Acting, ’81) directs. NOAH SIMON (MFA, Acting, ’13) is in the cast. MARY O’DOWD (MFA Acting program, ’93-‘95) is the props designer, KENDRA THULIN (MFA, Acting, ’96) is the dialect coach, and DAVID WOLLEY (BFA, Acting, ’81) is the fight choreographer.

Source: The House of Blue Leaves | Raven Theatre