Our Town at Redtwist Theatre

Our Town, Redtwist Theatre, closes 10/8/2017. HUNTER BRYANT (BFA, Acting, ’17) is in the cast. BRIAN McKNIGHT (MFA, Acting, ’01) is in the cast and understudies. DANIEL FRIEDMAN (BFA, Lighting Design, ’15) is the lighting designer. KENDALL BARRON (BFA, Sound Design, ’18) is the assistant sound designer, CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is the casting director, and CONNOR WANG (BFA, Sound Design, ’17) is the sound designer.

Source: Redtwist Theatre

The Assembled Parties at Raven Theatre

The Assembled Parties, Raven Theatre, closes 3/25/2017. MICHAEL CONROY (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’15) assistant directs. JoANN MONTEMURRO (BFA, Acting, ’81) and LORETTA REZOS (MFA, Acting, ’97) are in the cast. BRIAN MCKNIGHT (MFA, Acting, ’01 & Faculty) understudies. NICK BELLEY (BFA, Lighting Design, ’13) is the lighting designer.

Source: The Assembled Parties | Raven Theatre