Economics & Strategy Talk featuring Amy Bucher, October 20th, 2022

On October 20th the Economics and Strategy Talk series hosted Amy Bucher, Chief Behavioral Officer at Lirio and author of “Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change”. Amy discussed the intersection of behavioral science and design, what she’s learned over her career in the field, and how her book explains the process she has developed over that time.

Amy’s book is available HERE.

A 20% discount is available using the discount code: DEPAUL1020 (expires 12/31/22)

Keep watching for announcements on our next speaker in this series.

Episode 033: David Ziegelski, National Material LP

In this episode I hosted DePaul MBA alumnus Dave Ziegelski, Vice President of Information Technology at National Material LP, to discuss his career in IT and the increasingly important role it plays in strategic planning.

It IS a digital world and IT touches everything in it, connecting resources & people through process & data. Through Dave’s career he’s accumulated both deep knowledge and some healthy perspective on the subject. While his knowledge has earned him a seat in the strategic planning process, his perspective always reminds him that for all of ITs big potential, it always best to start by listening to people and solving their problems first. An important lesson for sure, you should listen in.