Episode 005: Kristy Nitskoff, Vista Consulting Group

Kristy Nitskoff is the Director of Talent Consulting at Vista Consulting Group and is a DePaul Alumnus with concentrations in Business Strategy & Decision-Making, as well as Leadership & Change Management.

Filling open positions at any company can be quite stressful. There are important trade offs between filling the role quickly versus filling the role with the right person. Kristy talks with us about how she helps firms develop strategies to not only hire the right person, but do to so efficiently. We also talk about the changing landscape of being a Talent Consultant and where her market might be expanding beyond what she traditionally targeted.

Strategy Talk on June 4, 2020: Strategic Challenges Facing Small Businesses & Policy Implications

On June 4th, 2020, Patrick Delehanty presented his Strategy Talk “Strategic Challenges Facing Small Businesses & Policy Implications”.

Patrick is the Director of Economic Research for the US Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy. He will speak with us about his experience in the policy world and how small business economic research can inform sound policymaking and address strategic concerns of small businesses across the U.S. His presentation lasted 45 minutes and was followed by a Q&A session.