Episode 006: Erin Jordan Spanski, Walker Sands

Please note that this episode was recorded on May 20th, 2020. While we speak about how the pandemic has impacted the world, our conversation does not acknowledge the drastic and necessary increased awareness of sustained injustice, inequality, and inequity experienced by Black Americans. We stand by the message of solidarity from DePaul University’s Leadership.

Erin Jordan Spanski is Vice President and Partner at Walker Sands, a B2B marketing agency. She is a DePaul MBA Alumnus with concentrations in Business Strategy & Decision-Making and Marketing.

Marketing is already a challenging discipline because one must understand a plethora of complex interactions and motivations between the firm’s marketing mix and consumer. B2B marketing agencies have second and third orders of complexity. Not only do they have to be familiar with their market, but they also need to know their client’s market, and also know their client’s customer’s market!

This bodes question: how do you create value and a sustainable advantage in a value chain that might be complex and opaque?

It’s a big question to which Erin provides some wonderful insight. Listen to find out more.

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