Faith, Hope and Love on our Journeys  

“Faith lifts the staggering soul on one side. Hope supports it on the other, experience says it must be – and Love says let it be.” — St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
(6.30, “To Julia Scott,” Collected Writings, 2:117)

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was foundress of the American Sisters of Charity, and she has been called the Mother of the Vincentian Community in America. Her life was marked by remarkable achievements, but also by many hardships. On the road to achieving any meaningful goal one encounters mountains and valleys, times of successes and also times of challenges and fatigue. We see this in our students’ journey, as well as that of faculty and staff. Part of the gift of having a strong sense of mission is that it serves to sustain and encourage us through those valleys.

What lifts and supports you during challenging times? What are the ways we strive to lift and support each other in the DePaul community?