Vincentian Character of DePaul


“Vincentian Character of DePaul” is a chapter in the book The Playful Hand of God: Memoirs of John T. Richardson, C.M. (pp. 71-73) published by DePaul University, Chicago, IL, in 2011.  Fr. Richardson served as President of DePaul University, Chicago, IL, from 1981-1993.  In his own words, these memoirs are given “as a testament to the women and men whose lives helped build the University” and to “the ideas that shaped so much of its history.”  Though much has been written about the University by others, Fr. Richardson chose to focus on the school’s “mission which brings its vision into reality, the ideals which guide its decisions, and the persons struggling collegially to shape the policies and programs that make these ideals practical.”  In this chapter of his memoirs, Fr. Richardson reflects on his efforts to develop a university that ranks among the best in the nation while serving persons from neglected segments of our society who most need access to an excellent education.