“The Head of Henri IV”

The recent announcement that the long lost body of King Richard III of England (d. 1485) had been recovered from the site of the Grey Friars priory in Leicester brings to mind the announcement two years ago of the identification of the mummified head of Henry IV of France.

See for example this site: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/found-at-last-400yearold-…‘ Henry IV came to the throne in 1589 after the death of the last Valois king Henry III. With his reconversion to Catholicism in 1594 Henry sat securely on the throne. It is probable that Vincent de Paul would have been present in Paris when the king was assassinated by a deranged Dominican friar in May 1610.


There are a number of interesting YouTube sites that feature a contemporary song praising Henry IV.  See for example: