Newberry Library Exhibition “Politics, Piety, and Poison: French Pamphlets, 1600-1800”

The world-renowned Newberry Library in Chicago will present an exhibition entitled: “Politics, Piety, and Poison: French Pamphelts, 1600-1800.”  The exhibition will run from 21 January 2013-13 April 2013 in the Hermon Dunlap Smith Gallery.

“This exhibition displays French pamphlets published during the transitional period from the Ancien Regime to the French Revolution.  They served as modes of dissemination and diversion, teaching tools and educational models, and the foundation for current and future scholarly projects.  The exhibition focuses on ways in which these pamphlets complement and enhance the Newberry’s other vast collections of primary sources documenting early modern European culture and the history of printing. The Newberry’s oustanding collection of French pamphlets was recently catalogue through a grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources.”

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