Immersed in Infinite Light & Propelled by a Fiery-Whirlwind


Dominique Johnson is a junior at DePaul University pursuing a Religious Studies major. Dominique is on the Executive Board of DePaul Interfaith.


“Modern science is our best ally” (Mahatma Letters, No. 11, Chronologically No. 65) and yet “MODERN THOUGHT IS ANCIENT THOUGHT DISTORTED, and no more.” (The Secret Doctrine I, pg. 579)


Paul Brunton once said, “The cosmic order behind things is a divine one…it is creative, intelligent, conscious—it is MIND,” and if so, there is an inner Nature reflected in the inner being of us each, the latter its microcosm; on this (our) earth. The individual atomic lives of men are so inextricably woven; & mankind is a collective unit—i.e., the fact in nature of the universal fellowship of humanity or spiritual oneness of humanity.


What nobler relationship than that of friend? What nobler compliment can man bestow than friendship? The bonds and ties of the life we know break easily, but through eternity one bond remains – the bond of fellowship – the fellowship of atoms, of star dust in its endless flight, of suns and worlds, of gods and men. The clasped hands of comradeship unite in a bond eternal – the fellowship of spirit.” (Manly P. Hall, The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry, 1976, p. 94)

Be aware, as in Judo, that we are moving (using our weight) with Will, so you become a universal channel….like a flower where the energy comes through the stern, & out into the peddles and leaves. The activity of welling-up from within a great deal of ENERGY too is gradual (evolving); and so has our Solar System. The “Vacuum” in Space in physical science may be complemented by ancient philosophy (as in the School of Parmenides & Zeno) that Space is something, yet nothing, vacuum and yet immutable & unmodified Plenum [Fullness], the consciousness-substance which fills absolute space—the “absolute Container of all that is, whether manifested or unmanifested,” & it is therefore that ‘ABSOLUTE ALL’ which no human mind can exclude from its conceptions, or conceive of by itself. From an ideal point in the “Darkness,” or “Void,” manifold universes emerge & evolve through phases (mathematically)†; but the primordial ‘ONE’ isn’t separate (extra-cosmic) from ex-istence (Latin ex, sisto, meaning ‘to stand out’).

This former view, in its propositions teaches that divinity is the central point, from which everything emerges, & this Reality is released or projected through a Point-Centre, spawned from the Unmanifest Reality or “Supreme Consciousness,” the Hidden One of all manifested Logoi (Logos in plural). And this infinite Consciousness through a Point-Centre has: (1) tremendous potential to express mind; & (2) tremendous potential to express inexhaustible power or energy. And like the energy that flows from the plant, this growing organization or ex-pression of that Unmanifested-Integrated State differs from the notion or symbol of God as ‘ABOVE’ that puts order into everything, quite forcefully, or mightily.

The Unmanifested Logos is the first comprehensible manifestation, the impersonal, from the ‘ONE’ (All Cause), or Absolute Negation, a UNITED State, No Number (Naught, 0, the Void of almost every old cosmogony). The Logos is a cosmic unit running throughout Nature in abscondito (referring to its illusive & manifold behavior); and is expressed in a minor series—the one becomes two, then the number 3 (a primordial Triad)‡; and breaks off further into 7 (a septenary). The Seven of ancient cosmogonies are a collective aggregate of the subsequent “Builders§” who fashion the Universe out of primordial Matter (co-eternal with consciousness-substance). They’re the “first” constructive Forces or Divine Intelligences§, & these Cosmic Gods were Elements; ergo the ancients distinguished the corporeal from spiritual elements, in the forces of nature. The ancient Adepts had a science. It is said, that the hosts of these “Mind-born sons” are the very root of spiritual man—incarnated in animal man. “The divine intellect [Mind] is in man; his animal brain alone philosophizes.”


“Modern science attempts to prove that man is an animal; the teachings of the Adepts show that he may be a god [in animal form; writer’s emphasis].” (Franz Hartmann, The Life & the Doctrines of Paracelsus, 1998: preface, xi.)


It teaches that Man is the pale shadow of God; & the synthesis of seven-fold elements, from the physical to the purely spiritual. The Cosmic Unit becomes the “Seven” emerging from “the Deep” or CHAOS (Space; Void). From the Seven, emanate the seven-fold arrangement of our Solar System, says an ancient teaching, which exists in seven different conditions (of differentiated matter); ergo all is in the Logos, “Spirit” or Light from One Source of Energy. The Light manifested through the Logos (God) is both Eternal LOVE & Divine Compassion; “the electric Power of affinity & sympathy” (EROS); for this LIFE, or “electric vital fluid” resides in the innermost chamber of the spiritual heart of each human being, i.e., the center of compassion—to be welled-up from within.


“God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4.24)


“He is the One and Seven, and on the Cosmic plane is behind all such manifestations as light, heat, adhesion, ect., ect., and is the “spirit” of ELECTRICITY, which is the LIFE of the UNIVERSE.” (cf. “Messenger of Divine Thought,” THEOSOPHY, Vol. 51, No. 7, May, 1963)

‘In Him we live and move and have our being’ (Acts 17.28) is no different from the belief that the Universe lives in, proceeds from, and will return to the UNITED State—the unmanifested & super-Integrated State (the ONE REALITY). If SPACE is Śūnyatā (Emptiness), then maybe SPACE is more REAL than solid.


“We need to realize…that we, our body is Nature. That everything—that the air, that the temperature, the grass, the plants, they’re all us! That the grass is just as much you as your own hair. You can’t live without it. Just as you can’t be a solid without a surrounding space. Well, you say the space isn’t there. It’s just nothing. But suppose the space around me disappeared? Could you see me? Where would my outline go, if there were no background space? How could I move? Maybe space is more real than solid. When scientists start to talk about properties of space, curved-space, expanding-space, the average laymen can’t understand what they’re talking about, because he thinks that space is nothing….Its all been overlooked.” (Alan Watts)

It could be that the ground of ego (self) or thinker is the WHOLE energy of the universe, the point or UNIFIED-state from which all diversities converge. (See Matthew 6.22)

Perhaps, that same One-Life, of Effort & Struggle as narrated in King’s Gnostics and their Remains (See, The Secret Doctrine: “Satan, a Centripetal Force,” pp. 245-247) is not to curse. Polarity has two extremes, & is yet upon ONE-LINE of life, as much as any magnet; & its polar-sides both attract the iron, in the “middle.” There was absolute space, of unknown origin, and Infinite “Light” was in “Darkness” traveling through; til it radiated out of subjectivity, out of the Indivisible Point. The “Infinite Light” sent forth the Spiritual or Mind-substance from the One Universal Essence. It is said, that the Present-Age is a “Dark-Age,” but “Darkness” can also be absolute light! We live in, & are immersed in the Plenum, filled by the INFINITE light of the piercing Ray of EVERLASTING TRUTH—no matter how far humanity is mentally & physically descended into concrete matter. Because “The enduring foundation of our Nature is beyond Time & Space.” (Steven H. Levy, M.D article). And even with the excess of the technical and special knowledge of the day, apprehending truths & lessons for growth in every setting of life could not fully-disappear.


It is one of the commonest of our mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all that there is to perceive. (C.W. Leadbeater, Man Visible and Invisible, A Quest Book, 1971.)


What Buddhists have always known, physicists now confirm: there are no isolated things or events. Underneath the surface appearance, all things are interconnected, are part of the totality of the cosmos that has brought about the form that this moment takes.” (Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks, New World Library, 2003, p. 43.)


“God geometrizes” said Plutarch….“God geometrizes continually” said Plato.


The Primordial Triad is: (1) Unconditioned Consciousness; (2) Primordial-Matter; & (3) Universal Intelligence—the manifested Logos or Deity with every nation & people; “the outward expression, or effect of the cause, which is ever-concealed.”